In 2022, Dawn & Dusk Co.'s Founder, Emily, had a vision to create a bespoke sleepwear line, specifically focussed on enhancing comfort. After struggling to find unique pyjamas, made from high quality materials, without designer prices, Emily decided it was time she made what the Australian market was missing.

As a self-funded project, Dawn & Dusk Co. was born. From the initial conception through to the full development of a brand new women's PJ line, this is not a cookie-cutter designed line, but something bespoke, from design of the unique pyjama pieces through to the unique prints.

"I created Dawn & Dusk Co. to help busy women unwind and relax in sleepwear that makes them feel fabulous!"

Dawn & Dusk Co.'s first collection is due to drop in 2024.


Set to launch in 2024, the first line of sleepwear will see two sets of women's PJs and a robe in two colour ways with their very own Dawn & Dusk Co. unique print design.

All pieces are made from 100% bamboo.